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Zeitschrift Journal of Baltic Studies
Körperschaft Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies
Erscheinungsort Millersville, Pa.
ISSN 0162-9778
Berichtsjahrgang 47 [H.1-4] (2016)
Anmerkung Heft 1 erschien u. d. Titel: "A Postcolonial View on Soviet Era Baltic Cultures"; Hrsg. von Epp Annus. –  URL: < eText >. –  URL: < eText >
Systematik 01.02 - Allgemeines :: Periodika
Enthält 1-13: Epp Annus: Between arts and politics. A postcolonial view on Baltic cultures of the Soviet era. –  15-30: Benedikts Kalnačs: Comparing colonial difference. Baltic literary cultures as agencies of Europe's internal others. –  31-47: Jaak Kangilaski: Postcolonial theory as a means to understand Estonian art history. –  49-63: Violeta Davoliute: The Sovietization of Lithuania after WWII. Modernization, transculturation, and the lettered city. –  65-75: Maija Burima: Orientalism, otherness, and the Soviet empire. Travelogues by Latvian writers of the Soviet period. –  77-91: Rasa Balockaite: Bourgeoisie as internal orient in the Soviet Lithuanian literature: 'Roses Are Red' by A. Bieliauskas, 1959. –  93-111: Sille Kapper: Post-colonial folk dancing. Reflections on the impact of stage folk dance style on traditional folk dance variation in Soviet and post-Soviet Estonia, 2 Abb. –  113-132: Piret Peiker: Estonian nationalism through the postcolonial lens. –  133-153: Deniss Hanovs: Can postcolonial theory help explain Latvian politics of integration? Reflections on contemporary Latvia as a postcolonial society, Tab. –  179-196: Anti Selart: A new faith and new name? Crusades, conversion, and baptismal names in medieval Baltics. –  197-218: Jurga Bučaite-Vilke / Arturas Tereškinas: Lithuanian men's struggles with precarious life. Unemployment, working identities, and strategies of survival. –  219-238: Ieva Birka: Expressed attachment to Russia and social integration. The case of young Russian speakers in Latvia, 2004-2010, 7 Tab. –  239-255: Mariusz Czepcziński / Helen Sooväli-Sepping: From sacrum to profanum. Reinterpretation of communist places of power in Baltic cities, 6 Abb. –  257-274: Marko Uibu: Reemerging religiosity. The mainstreaming of new spirituality in Estonia
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