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Titel The Holocaust in Hungary: Sixty Years Later
Herausgeber Randolph L. Braham / Brewster S. Chamberlin
Reihe East European monographs; 678
Erschienen New York : Columbia Univ. Press 2006
Umfang XIX, 390 S.
ISBN 978-0-88033-576-8
Systematik 01.03 - Allgemeines :: Sammelwerke
Sachschlagwort Holocaust (1941-1945)
Zeitl. Zuordnung 1940-1945
Enthält 3-16: László Karsai: The Fateful Year. 1942 in the Reports of Hungarian Diplomats. –  17-40: Holly Case: The Holocaust and the Transylvanian Question in the Twentieth Century. –  43-61: Tim Cole: A Gendered Holocaust? The Experiences of "Jewish" Men and Women in Hungary, 1944, 4 Tab. –  63-75: Dan Danieli: Interviews with Survivors of the Hungarian Forced Labor Service. An Evaluation. –  77-88: Gábor Kádár / Zoltán Vági: The Economic Annihilation of the Hungarian Jews, 1944-1945. –  89-111: Victor Karády: Ordinary Deaths in Times of Genocide and Forced Assimilation. Patterns of Jewish Mortality in Budapest (1937-1960), 4 Tab. –  113-136: Daniel A. Lowy: Christian Help Provided to Jews of Northern Transylvania during World War II. As Revealed by the Jewish Weekly "Egység" (May 1946-August 1947). –  137-152: Judit Molnár: Gendarmes before the People's Court, 2 Tab. –  155-165: Jean Ancel: The She'erit ha-Pletah. Holocaust Survivors in Northern Transylvania. –  167-176: Ivan T. Berend: The Revival of Anti-Semitism in Post-Communist Hungary. The Early 1990s. –  177-200: Alice Freifeld: Identity on the Move. Hungarian Jewry between Budapest and the DP Camps, 1945-1948. –  201-210: Paul Hanebrink: The Christian Churches and Memory of the Holocaust in Hungary, 1945-1948. –  211-220: Radu Ioanid / Ferenc Katona: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archival Collections Relating to the Holocaust in Hungary. –  221-239: András Kovács: Hungarian Jews' Perceptions of Anti-Semitism, 8 Tab. –  241-256: Attila Pók: Why Was There No "Historikerstreit" in Hungary after 1989-1990?. –  257-290: Michael Shafir: Hungarian Politics and the Post-1989 Legacy of the Holocaust. –  291-314: Zoltán Tibori Szabó: Transylvanian Jewry during the Postwar Period, 1945-1948. –  315-333: Raphael Vago: From the Periphery to the Center. The Holocaust in Hungary and Israeli Historiography. –  337-347: Zsuzsanna Ozsváth: Trauma and Distortion. Holocaust Fiction and the Ban on Jewish Memory in Hungary. –  349-363: Catherine Portuges: Imre Kertész's "Fateless" on Film. A Hungarian Holocaust Saga. –  365-376: Ivan Sanders: Jewish Literary Renaissance in Post-Communist Hungary
Rezension(en) Gabor Szegedi: in: H-Net Reviews (2006) ; István Deák: in: Holocaust and Genocide Studies Bd. 22 (2008), 115-117
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