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familienforschung (soziologie)  

1 Die Kinderfürsorge und der Alltag polnischer Familien in den 1980-er Krisenjahren. Die Arbeit der Gesellschaft der Kinderfreunde [Towarzystwo Przyjaciól Dzieci] / Wiesler, Joanna 2015
2 Skiljelinjen mellan det offentliga och det privata. Förklaringarna bakom de inhägnade bostadsområdenas popularitet i Polen / Polanska, Dominika V. 2013
3 On the inclusive and exclusive functions of the 'other' language in family talk / Ogiermann, Eva 2013
4 "Vati blieb im Krieg": Vaterlosigkeit als generationelle Erfahrung im 20. Jahrhundert / Seegers, Lu 2013
5 And they lived happily ever after? Family and parenthood in Russia and Eastern Europe before and after the fall of socialism / Carlback, Helene [Hrsg.] 2012
6 Polish Postwar Migration to Brazil, 1945-1955 / Bastos, Sênia Regina 2012
7 Why Does Public Policy Implementation Fail? Lithuanian Office of State Benefits for Mothers of Large Families and Single Mothers, 1944-1956 / Leinarte, Dalia 2012
8 The Latvian Family Experience with Sovietization, 1945-1990 / Runcis, Maija 2012
9 Marriage and Divorce Law in Russia and the Baltic States. Overview of Recent Changes / Khazova, Olga A. 2012
10 Doing Parenting in Post-Socialist Estonia and Latvia / Municio-Larsson, Ingegerd 2012
11 Die sozialen Kosten der Systemtransformation in Polen nach 1989 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ausgegrenzter Familien / Dahl, Martin 2012
12 Spatial construction of European family and household systems: a promising path or a blind alley? An Eastern European perspective / Szołtysek, Mikołaj 2012
13 Eesti kodanike sundmigratsioon itta aastail 1941-1951. Mõningaid võrdlusjooni läände põgenenute looga / Rahi-Tamm, Aigi 2011
14 Teine demograafiline üleminek ja Eesti rahvastiku nüüdisareng / Puur, Allan 2011
15 Tartu rahvastik 17. sajandi lõpul ja 18. sajandi algul / Berendsen, Veiko 2010
16 'In my Opinion, Work Would be in First Place and Family in Second'. Young Women's Imagined Gender-Work Relations in Post-Soviet Lithuania / Reiter, Herwig (1971-) 2010
17 Conditions and Stages of Change in the Social Security System in Czechoslovakia (1945-1989) / Kalinová, Lenka 2009
18 Aims, Tools and Effectiveness of Family Policy - Estonia in Comparison with West European Countries at the End of the 1990s / Ainsaar, Mare 2009
19 Between Emancipation and Traditionalism. The Situation of Women and the Gender Order in Poland after 1945 / Kałwa, Dobrochna 2009
20 Intentions de fécondité et naissances en France, Lituanie et Russie / Charton, Laurence 2009