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Tytuł The Germans and the East
Redakcja Charles Ingrao / Franz A. J. Szabo
Miejsce i rok wydania West Lafayette, Ind : Purdue University Press 2008
Objętość 458 S., Tab
ISBN 1-557-53443-8 = 978-1-557-53443-9
Klasyfikacja 01.03 - Ogólne :: Prace zbiorowe
Hasło przedmiotowe Niemcy (narodowość)
zawiera 17-26: Christian Lübke: Before Colonization: Christendom at the Slav Frontier and Pagan Resistance. –  27-36: Jan M. Piskorski: Medieval Colonization in East Central Europe. –  37-48: Paul W. Knoll: The Most Unique Crusader State. The Teutonic Order in the Development of the Political Culture of Northeastern Europe during the Middle Ages. –  49-58: Raisa Mazeika: An Amicable Enmity. Some Peculiarities in Teutonic-Balt Relations in the Chronicles of the Baltic Crusades. –  64-77: Michael G. Müller: Absolutism and Reform in Central and Eastern Europe. –  78-88: David Pickus: German Writers, Power and Collapse. The Emergence of 'Polenliteratur' in Eighteenth-Century Germany. –  109-128: Pieter M. Judson: Changing Meanings of "German" in Habsburg Central Europe. –  147-190: Arnold Suppan: "Germans" in the Habsburg Empire. Language, Imperial Ideology, National Identity, and Assimilation, Tab. –  201-208: Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius: German Military Occupation and Culture on the Eastern Front in World War I. –  209-225: Dennis Showalter: Comrades, Enemies, Victims. The Prussian/German Army and the Ostvölker. –  226-240: Elizabeth A. Drummond: From "verloren gehen" to "verloren bleiben". Changing German Discourses on Nation and Nationalism in Poznania. –  241-256: James Bjork: The National State and the Territorial Parish in Interwar Poland. –  257-269: Richard Blanke: Interwar Poland and the Problem of Polish-speaking Germans. –  270-276: Eagle Glassheim: The Birth of a Sudeten German Nobility, 1918-1938. –  277-309: Peter Black: Askaris in the "Wild East". The Deployment of Auxiliaries and the Implementation of Nazi Racial Policy in Lublin District. –  347-361: John C. Swanson: The Second World War and Its Aftermath. Ethnic German Communities in the East. –  370-388: Günter Bischof / Martin David: Austrian and Czech Historical Memory of World War II, National Identity, and European Integration. –  389-401: Emilia Hrabovec: Austro-Czechoslovak Relations and the Expulsions of the Germans. –  402-420: William Glenn Gray: West Germany and the Lost German East: Two Narratives
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